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Seeking for good/ hard farm workers for winter season (2nd year visa)

Talk Hi, everyone. We are going to need about 20 good workers for planting strawberry or some construction work next week, it is on casual basis and about 6 weeks. It will be paid by hourly rate, 4~6 days in a week, 6~9 hours in a day. Our staff accommodation is available now, but you will need to arrange your own transportation and prepare your own meals. $90/week in winter only.

>preferred own transportation
>strong and tall
>farm experience worker

Location: 139 Hillwood Road, Hillwood, Tasmania 7252

Facebook page:

If you are interesting to work with us , please connect the following link:
5 years 4 months ago
Talk_3ok fk763650.208
4 years 1 months ago