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We are 2 girls looking for the job

Talk We are looking for every farm job.And now we are in Brisbane and if have any job we can start work immediately.If you want. shu-yuan3081.6b2
9 years 8 months ago
Talk_3My phone number is 0423474621.
My E-mail is [email protected]
9 years 8 months ago
Talk_3hi i am from The Grand Hotel Nyah West we have jobs available for backpackers or travelers or people looking for work, our jobs range from grape vine pruning to fruit picking, accommodation is available here at the hotel at a good price and all work is good, give us a call on 04 8808 7489 (ask for fabian) for more info or would like to give it a go, thank you magicbmxfreestyle.72b
9 years 7 months ago